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Q: What factors impact the price of a smart safe?


Smart safe pricing is most impacted by capacity — the larger the note capacity the more it will cost. Additional factors include the thickness of the steel, the connectivity options, the quality and durability of the electronics and bill validators, and the accessories purchased for the safe (sirens, risers, side-safe, electronic locks, etc.).

Q: What savings can I expect from a smart safe?


Savings come from several different areas depending on usage. If you have a regular armored car pickup, by tying a smart safe to a provisional credit program, you can reduce the frequency of your pickup saving money on your armored car contract.

If you have an operation where store managers are spending a substantial amount of time reconciling cash at the end of each shift, a smart safe will cut the process down to minutes.

Manager time can be used more productively elsewhere to improve store operations – on customer facing, revenue-generating activities.

If you have experienced cash shrinkage from internal or external theft, a smart safe acts as a powerful deterrent to keep your employees honest and burglars out.

Q: What is the true cost of ownership for a smart cash management solution?


Many smart safe users lease or finance their equipment from cash management solution providers such as specialty distributors or armored car companies. For a negotiated monthly fee, a store can get up and running quickly with a smart safe, an armored pickup plan, and a service plan.

Alternatively, there are avenues to purchase the equipment and choose a service contract from one of a variety of national service contract companies that specialize in cash management equipment.

Q: What kind of maintenance do smart safes require?


Maintenance requirements vary substantially from one smart safe brand to another. Look for smart safes that have service-friendly design features to keep your down time to an absolute minimum.

Serviceable parts should be easy and fast to swap out, electronics should be durably built and designed to survive rigors of even the most challenging fast-paced retail environment.

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